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Cross Out Text Generator


How To Cross Out Text In Discord

Discord is an instant messaging application featuring text exchange, voice communication, and sharing videos and images between users. It is an application that serves as a digital platform developed for creating different circles or communities such as the education community, business community, or others. The discord application was primarily designed for gamers allowing gamers to exchange messages and communicate live. It provides a platform where gamers can enjoy chatting in a group while gaming.

cross out text generator

But now the application is accessible to any community, be it gamers, business, or education. It serves as a general platform and is one of the widely used platforms by a wide range of society. The application offers an extensive feature. In this article, you will learn How To Cross Out Text In Discord. So, to cross out text in discord, you will have to strike through the text first. And to do that, you can use the tilde key from your keyboard. Generally, on a standard keyboard, you will find the tilde key on the top left, whereas, on a mobile phone, you will have to open your keyboard punctuation menu. To acquire added information on cross out text generator please go to xedricity website.

So once you find the tilde key on your keyboard, next is to add the tildes one at the start and end of your text and your text will be struck out. The text you want to strike through has to be in between the tildes. But How To Cross Out Text Generator on a browser version? So in case you are using the browser version or desktop version of the application, you can strike through text using a context menu. Here are steps you can follow to format a text on a browser or desktop version of discord.

cross out text generator

Start by typing the text you wish to format and then highlight the text. Now track your mouse cursor to the text and wait for a small black bar to appear above the text. You will see that the bar contains different keys for different text formats. The "B" icon on the bar is for bolding the text; the slanting "i" icon is for changing the text into italics font, and the strikes out "S" icon is to strikethrough the text. So click on the strikethrough icon “S" to strike through the text.

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